Vertical Blinds

Bespoke Vertical Blinds Edinburgh

Vertical blinds offer a versatile and practical option, giving the perfect balance of maintaining your privacy whilst allowing light to filter through into the room.

Varied Style Options

Knight Shades have a wide range of fabrics for you to choose from, meaning your vertical blinds can become a stylish addition to your home. With a wide range of colour, textures and beautiful patterns to enhance any room you are sure to find vertical blinds that are the perfect fit both in terms of style and practicality.

Block Out Light and The Cold

Coming in a range of weights, from opaque through to translucent vertical blinds can block light effectively and are amazingly durable. Vertical blinds are perfect for sliding doors, bay windows and conservatories, covering the large expanses of glass and insulating your home against the cold, greatly assisting in improving your home's energy efficiency.

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Traditional Vertical Blinds have two controls. One allows the blind louvres to be tilted to the left or the right. So you can block out the light out, let it in, or filter it by tilting the louvres to an angle. The other one lets you pull the louvres fully back, either to the left or the right, they can even split in the centre like a pair of curtains.

vertical blinds edinburgh
vertical blinds edinburgh

Mono Control

Mono Control Vertical Blinds are the safest option for families with small children. The utilise a wand system that can be pulled or pushed to slide blinds open and closed. The wand can also be twisted to tilt the verticals to regulate light.

Coupled with PVC slats they become completely cord and chain free, putting your mind at easy when you have little ones.


Power Shades

The blind can be fully opened at the touch of a button or adjusted to tilt in millimetres to the desired light control with another touch of a button. The Powershade Vertical system also comes with an added feature of Auto Night and Day function. This Night and Day function is controlled by a light senor that measures the amount of day light coming into the room. Once the daylight starts to fade, the blind will close, and re-open again when the daylight appears. This function gives the added benefit of security in the home or workplace when the premises are empty.

vertical blinds edinburgh
pvc vertical blinds edinburgh

PVC Vertical Blinds

PVC vertical blinds have set the new standards for vertical blinds. Elegant, clean and minimal, these blinds look stunning in any situation. They are completely free hanging and their rigid slats eliminate the need for chaining the slats together. When used in addition to the new twist and pull mono control wand, vertical blinds can finally be completely chord free. 

Extremely hard wearing PVC Vertical blinds are built to take anything you can throw at it. They are ideal for large windows like patio doors and grubby fingers, muddy dogs and spillages can be wiped clean effortlessly. 

They also act as a blackout blind, helping reduce glare from screens, or block out the sun for people who need a good sleep.