Window Shutters

Our distinctive window shutters range come in the finest Basswood or the highest quality HSPVC depending on your requirements.

Coming in three distinct ranges, Madison (Basswood), Vermont (Basswood) and Nevada (HSPVC), they are available in various shutter configurations - full height shutters, tier on tier shutters, café style shutters or track system shutters.


Among the most popular styles of window shutters, covering the whole window for a classic, sophisticated look.

Full height shutters come in two sections, each section is easily manipulated, opening and closing the slats for complete light and privacy control is easy.

If you are having tall window shutters installed a mid-rail section is suggested as this will make for a stronger shutter, reducing the risk of any warping occurring.

A mid-rail also offers versatile  light and privacy control as the upper and lower slats can be opened or closed independently of each other.


tier window shutters edinburgh


An extremely versatile style, tier on tier window shutters offer you the option to have the full height shutter look or cafe style shutter look whenever you need them.

The upper and lower panels of tier on tier shutters open and close individually, giving you total control over light and privacy at all times.

These shutters are particularly suited to bedrooms as you can block out the light while sleeping or open the top section of the shutters to allow light in to the room whilst maintaining your privacy.


A popular choice of window shutters, the cafe style shutters are stylish and practical, becoming a stand-out feature of any room.

Cafe style window shutters only cover the lower half of your windows so you can have the best of both worlds with them.

They offer you privacy from the outside whilst allowing plenty of light into the room for a bright and airy space.

Cafe style window shutters will be fitted up to a certain point in the window, usually at a natural break such as the sashes on Victorian windows.

However, cafe style shutters are extremely flexible and can be designed and crafted to fit to whatever point you specify for your requirements.

cafe window shutters edinburgh

track window shutters edinburgh


These window shutters are perfect for large windows, patio doors or room dividers. The shutter panels glide easily across a discreet smooth operating track system becoming a stylish feature of the room.

  • Two Track systems are also available.

  • Bipass Track System: Suspended from a top track, panels slide behind one another to open or close.

  • Bifold Track System: Suspended from a top track, hinged panels enable the panels to be folded back to the end of the track at a 90 degree angle.