Interior Design Trends for 2018

Today, we’d like to talk to you about interior design trends for interiors in 2018. By giving you the heads up on what’s in and what’s not, we feel we’re giving you a head start in choosing your blinds for the coming year. You don’t have to follow the trends slavishly but take just one or two hints and use them in your own way.


The use of colour is going to be a big feature with both warm and earthy colours sharing the limelight with more neutral shades. Rich colours will work well in any room and give a soothing feel if they’re paired with stronger colours to give a more calm and rounded look.

Walk Away From The Steel and White

There’ll be less stainless steel and gleaming white in the kitchen with a farmhouse feel coming into play, and not just in the kitchen, but in the bathroom too. There’ll be different materials used such as copper, granite and concrete for sinks, and darker colours such as black and grey. People are now looking for more warmth and a move away from the sterility of white, a more rustic feel is more welcoming, and people are now willing to experiment with this.

For The Love of Concrete

Yes, concrete will be more popular this year and what makes it more attractive is the fact it’s so affordable. It’s more commonly used with floors and worktops but now it’s also starting to be used in lighting as well as furniture. There’s plenty of opportunity here for imaginative use of this versatile material throughout the home.

Light Up Your Home

Lighting has always been important factor when it comes to any room in the home. Vintage lighting is going to be taking centre stage in 2018 with lanterns, chandeliers and sconces providing the most stunning illumination. And you can have your vintage lights with the most up to date technology. They certainly add something unique and original to any room.

How About Florals?

Yes, we’ve had botanicals as a trend before, but no one’s tired of them yet. There’s also floral patterns in really exciting colours, there’s potential here to do something really different for a standout look.

Knight Shades Blinds Edinburgh – For The Best in Window Coverage

If you’re now thinking hard about how you’re going to redecorate your rooms, then remember that here at Knight Shades we have the biggest and most versatile stock of blinds that will give endless choice and variety. So hopefully, it won’t just be your rooms that are changed but you’ll have gorgeous blinds to match any colours you’ve used, any shades, any textures. Just take a look around our range or give us a call and we’ll talk you through our amazing range of blinds.

Benefits of Blackout Roller Blinds This Winter

Why would you want to invest in blackout roller blinds? Well, the reasons are simple. Firstly, the days are short for now and the evenings grow darker much quicker, but the longer days are only around the corner. Soon, the clocks will go forward, and spring will thankfully raise its head, flowers, new leaves on the trees and a sprinkling of clean fresh grass. But with those wonderful changes comes more daylight and more sun.

As there will be more daylight and light shining in through our windows it will be really uplifting and a welcome change from the darkness of winter. However, with this comes potentially faded furniture, unnecessary heat and an inability to get off to sleep at night, especially for the kids.

Blackout Blinds Will Help You To Control That Light

That’s why blackout roller blinds are the perfect antidote to all that extra light. Blackout blinds black out the light, which is fairly obvious from the name, but they give you so much more too. They also give you much needed privacy, especially if you live near a busy street with lots of foot traffic. If you’re watching a movie and you don’t want light shining on the screen, they’re perfect, so if you have a dedicated media room, they’ll help shield the screen from unwanted sunlight.

Blackout Blinds Offer a Lot of Other Benefits Too

These include insulation, so that when the colder weather comes, or if we’re still suffering from the cold in the weeks leading up to summer, then they’ll help retain the heat, saving you money on energy bills. In reverse, once the warmer weather comes, they’ll help protect against heat and keep the room cool.

Sound Insulation Helps Cut Out Noise

Not only that but they give excellent sound insulation too. Street noise, children shouting outside, traffic, whatever it is, blackout roller blinds will give you respite from the noise, and help you get a good night’s sleep.

Blackout Blinds Are Also Great For Kids

They help them to get off to sleep when the evenings are lighter rather than keeping them awake way past their bedtime, helping to cut out noise and helping them to have a peaceful and undisturbed night. Blackout blinds are also great for bathrooms and bedrooms and help to stop furniture fade. If you’re thinking of having them installed, you couldn’t find a more versatile window covering.

Knight Shades Blinds Edinburgh – For The Best in Blackout Roller Blinds

Here at Knight Shades we have a versatile, quality range of blackout blinds and in a variety of different colours patterns and styles, so go on, give us a call and get in touch. We can even measure and then install your blackout blinds for you – so what do you have to lose? Get in touch with one of our experts today!

Why Invest in Branded Blinds

If you’re a business it’s important to get your brand noticed, to get the right kind of exposure. Perhaps you’re wondering about what other ways you can get your branded logo out there. You have it on your packaging, your stationary, but have you ever considered having it on your blinds?

Give Yourself The Perfect Kind of Exposure

Printed blinds for your business is a great idea and gets you the right kind of exposure that can be seen, not just from the inside, but from the outside too. If you have a small space in which to work, you may find that business blinds are the best way of people seeing your brand. Even if your blinds are halfway up during the day you’ll still be able to see the logo, and even when your blinds are completely rolled up, you can insert fabric in the top cassette, so you’d still be able to see the logo.

Signage Can Often Be Restricted

If your business is in a building where signage is limited, and this could be for a variety of different reasons, your building could be listed perhaps it’s part of a shared ownership and this isn’t allowed. You will therefore need to leverage any opportunity you can get to make sure your brand logo is seen, and installing branded blinds is one clever way of doing this.

The Power of External Marketing

This is an external marketing strategy that really works. As well as your logo, you can have your phone number, your opening times and email addresses which can be seen round the clock, 24 hours a day. Your blinds will be doing the work for you even when you’re not there, making sure everyone who passes knows exactly who you are, what you do and how to contact you.

And it doesn’t have to be a logo either, it could be an illustration that shows exactly what you do, or a photograph or even a slogan. You can have a promotional message that is impactful and powerful, that gets potential customers thinking about your business and your products or service.

Your brand is your message to the world, a logo, illustration or photo that let’s people know you’re open for business.

You Won’t Get Better Business Blinds Anywhere Else

Here at Knight Shades we’ve worked with large multi-national companies creating blinds with the perfect branded logo. We often create fabrics where lights passes through your logo signage so it’s illuminated. And if you suffer with too much sunlight in your office, we can supply you with blackout blinds that help to reduce that significantly, but with your logo still clearly seen.

Knight Shades – For The Best in Business Blinds

We pride ourselves on our craftsmanship and attention to detail. We only ever work with quality materials and the latest technology, so your blinds are functional, durable and aesthetically pleasing. This means wherever it is you place your logo, photograph, quote, slogan or illustration on your blinds, it’ll be reproduced beautifully and in such a way that it represents your business in the best light possible. Give us a call today and let’s talk about your business blinds.

Best Blinds for Your Bathroom

Your bathroom, like your kitchen, sees a lot of moisture and heat, and as a result needs the same considerations when it comes to choosing blinds. If you’re put off by the idea of having bathroom blinds because you’re worried about moisture, damp and condensation, then this week’s post should help as we focus on the best blinds for your bathroom.

Why Miss Out On Bathroom Blinds When They Offer The Best Window Coverage?

Blinds in your bathroom are such a stylish choice of window coverage it would be a shame to dismiss them outright due to the moisture content. All you really need is to choose carefully and pick a fabric that’s strong enough to withstand the heat and humidity you’re likely to get in the bathroom.

Our Bathroom Blind Range Is Versatile and Stylish

The most suitable for a moisture prone room is PVC or vinyl waterproof blinds, preferably roller which will give a really sharp and classic look to your bathroom. You could have vertical blinds too if you’re looking for better light control during the day, especially if you have a larger window in your bathroom. What you’ll find with blinds is that not only will they be waterproof, but also mould resistant and blackout. This makes them the ideal choice because they’re so versatile.

Style, Colour, Pattern and Materials

There’s all sorts of gorgeous colours to choose from too as well as style, and you can have a patterned fabric as well, something that matches the décor and interior style of your room. So, there’s no need to worry about whether your windows are going to look out of place with the rest of your bathroom style, here at Knight Shades we have an incredibly versatile range of PVC, vinyl and waterproof blinds.

Aluminium Blinds

Another option you may want to consider is aluminium Venetian blinds. You can tilt, lower and raise your blinds so you have great light control, but keep in mind that as the components will be made of steel they may rust over time if they get wet. They are versatile however, and you can go for a really stylish and minimalist look with aluminium blinds, they also give you great light and privacy control.

Knight Shades Blinds Edinburgh - The Experts in Fitted Blinds

Because we have such a wide variety of quality blinds it’s no wonder our customers keep coming back again and again. We pride ourselves on customer service and value for money and stock a fantastic range of patterns, colours and styles that you’ll be spoilt for choice. We’re also blind fitters in Edinburgh which means we can fit your blinds as well as help create them for you. That way, no matter how unusual the shape of your bathroom window, you’ll be able to have bathroom blinds that fit perfectly. Get in touch today and let us help you choose some gorgeous blinds for your bathroom.

Blinds to Keep Your House Warm This Winter

If you think only curtains can keep your home warm in winter you’re so wrong. Blinds have often had a bad rap in the past for their austere and clinical appearance. But that’s in the past, in the bad old days before the rich, versatile range of blinds we have today became available. There’s such a vast choice of styles, colours, patterns and fabrics, you’re guaranteed stylish window coverage and guaranteed warmth.

Central Heating isn’t Always Enough

Gradually, the weather will get colder, and as it does, you’ll be looking for ways to save energy and not rely too much on artificial heating. And although central heating will keep your home warm it won’t completely stop heat escaping. With blinds, and their ability to fit the windows so accurately and snuggly, you’ll be able to turn the heating down and save money.

Blinds To Suit Your Needs

Naturally, it makes sense to choose blinds which best suit the needs of the particular room you’re having them fitted. To retain heat effectively, then your blinds will need to unslatted, therefore you should be looking to choose either Roman or roller blinds.

Roman Blinds

these are great for keeping a room warm. There are various fabrics and colours to choose from and often come with a variety of different pattern designs. They fold up like an accordion and go up or down, they’ll straighten as they move down and look extremely elegant as well as being practical. In winter you could choose warm colours, like brown, orange or dark reds, anything that brings out the colours of autumn and winter.

Roller blinds

Roller blinds go up or down. They’re also extremely elegant and sophisticated and really give your room that sophisticated look. They’re easy to manipulate and really help to keep your rooms insulated from the cold. Again, they come in a variety of colours, fabrics and patterns, so whatever your interior décor, there’ll be something that works.

If you’re in a part of the country that really suffers during the winter months and experience really cold temperatures, then our blinds offer a great way of keeping the rooms in your home warm, and help to keep your energy bills down.

Knight Shades, Blinds Edinburgh

To help you prepare your home for the onslaught of winter why not get in touch with us here at Knight Shades Edinburgh where you’ll find a vast range of blinds to suit your tastes. If you need blind fitters in Edinburgh, then we can fit them for you too, we offer an all-round service that we’ve created specially with customer service in mind. So why not get in touch and keep your home just that little bit warmer?

The Benefits of Conservatory Blinds

Why would you want blinds in your conservatory? Well today we’re going to be telling exactly why you should and all the benefits of having them. They really are a brilliant way of providing coverage for your conservatory windows and protecting your furniture from fading due to the sun’s rays.

Too Much Sun and Heat

The conservatory is where you’ll relax and unwind, and because of the amount of glass you’re at the mercy of heat, sun and too much light. Blinds will give you more control of how much light and sun you allow in, keeping the room warm enough or cool enough when the weather changes. By having control over light and heat from the sun you can spend more time in the conservatory and use it for what it was intended – relaxing and spending time doing what you love best.

Functionality and Control

Conservatory blinds give you functionality, so you can decide how much sun and light you want to allow and just as importantly, how much privacy you need. When it’s hot during summer you can have your blinds made from material which will protect you from the sun, but also act as an insulator when it’s cold during the winter months.


You can also have them waterproofed so your conservatory is safe from water leaking in during heavy rain. What’s great about blinds is that they’re so easy to clean, and unlike curtains, don’t have to be either taken down and washed in the washing machine or dry cleaned. Blinds can be cleaned from where they hang, quickly and easily.

Plenty of Choice

There’s also plenty of choice when it comes to choosing what type of blinds you’ll have. Here at Knight Shades we have a fantastic range of patterns, colours and fabrics from which to choose. These means you can have your blinds made to suit your personal taste and match the interior décor of your conservatory.

Spend More Time in Your Conservatory, Not Less

With blinds in your conservatory you can spend time in this most relaxing of rooms during the summer and winter. Because blinds will keep the room cool in summer and warm in winter, you have the best of both worlds, leaving you with a room that’s minimalist and stylish as well as warm and welcoming. It’ll be the ideal place from which to entertain without having to worry that it’s going to be too cold or too hot.

For The Best Blinds Edinburgh, It Has To Be Knight Shades

If you’re looking to purchase blinds for your conservatory, then choose us, because we have a versatile range of blinds for you to choose from, making it easy for you to pick something that will fit right in and match your furnishings.

Why Choose Wooden Blinds?

Are you giving wooden blinds some consideration? If you are then it’s a great idea, because wooden blinds are an attractive option for your home. They can help give it a look that really fits in with your personal style and interior décor. Whether your home has a traditional or contemporary feel, we believe you can create a striking look in your home with wooden blinds.

Wood is a Beautiful Material

The natural beauty of wood goes without saying, it’s stunning and can really bring something special to your windows. They’re versatile enough to fit in with numerous styles and interior themes and any colour scheme you have. It makes them a worthwhile investment because they’ll last for many years.

Privacy and Noise Reduction

Wooden blinds also give you privacy without compromise. While other blinds may minimise the light outside, wooden blinds will eradicate it completely. They can also offer great noise reduction and stop nosy passers-by from looking in, and if you live near a street this is a daily problem.

Light Control and Heat Insulation

On a functional level, they give great light control with the ability to block out all sunlight and those harmful rays and act as insulators, so that should have a dramatic impact on your heating bills.

Easy To Clean

Wooden blinds are also incredibly easy to clean, and much easier than the drama of cleaning a curtain or fabric blind. The slats can be wiped with a duster or damp cloth without having to completely remove the blinds from the window. You can then give them a coat of varnish or even paint them, so you’ll give them protection from stains and scratches.

Hardwearing and Long Lasting

Wooden blinds last for many years, they’re hard wearing and will outlast curtains or fabric blinds. Keep in mind though, that they do have a tendency to warp and this is more common if they’re exposed to moisture. This means they probably wouldn’t be suitable for a bathroom. However, they look stunning in all other areas of your house, so whether that’s a library, a study, a living room or a bedroom, wooden blinds could make all the difference to adding that final bit of pizzazz to your room.

Knight Shades Blinds West Lothian for the best in wooden blinds

If you’ve now decided that wooden blinds are for you, why don’t you come down and see us here at Knight Shades and we can help you choose the right ones. It doesn’t matter how big or small your windows are, or what shape they are, we can fit blinds to any kind of window. You can either measure the windows yourself, or we can send someone round to do it for you, and if you don’t want to do it yourself, we can install them for you too. If you’ve been thinking about wooden blinds, then there’s no better time than now to have them installed. Get in touch today.

Why Choose To Install Window Shutters

Window shutters are a great idea for your windows and there is an abundance of reasons why. Apart from the fact they look good they also offer lots of other practical benefits.


Window shutters are made to measure your windows perfectly, and this means you won’t have any light sneaking through on days when you want to shut the sun out. They are much easier to clean than blinds or curtains, and once they’ve been installed and fitted perfectly you have streamlined window coverage that looks good from the inside and from the outside.

Insulation for heat and sound

Window shutters can keep your house cool in summer by shutting out that hot sun, especially uncomfortable if some of the rooms in your house are directly in the glare of the sun during the day and early evening. On the other hand, they can also keep you lovely and warm in winter by helping to keep the heat in rather than allowing it to escape through the window.

They look really good

You’ll also find that with window shutters, and their ability to fit any window shape, you have a timeless, classic look for any room in your house. With their wide slats, you can control how much light you want to allow in, you can always settle for a compromise and have some light trickling in rather than just open or shut. That’s the only choice you have with curtains and roller blinds, so window shutters offer a welcome change and added control over light.

Style, colour, aesthetics matter

You’ll find that with our window shutters here at Knight Shades you have a range of different options, so your shutters can fit in with the décor of your home and your personal style. We have basswood or HSPVC, so you have a choice between man-made materials or wood. We also make them in different configurations including tier on tier, full height, track system or café style. You can paint your shutters to fit in with your décor, or you can have them natural. They look gorgeous, and what you have is a fixture and fitting that could significantly add value to your property should you decide to sell in the future.

Knight Shades for classic blinds and window shutters Edinburgh

Whether you’ve set your heart on blinds – and if you do we are the premier blind fitters in Edinburgh, or you’ve decided window shutters are for you, come to Knight Shades. We can talk you through your choices, come and measure your windows and install your window shutters for you. We’re here to help with a friendly professional team, get in touch by giving us a call today, or drop us an email.

Why Choose Senses Mirage Blinds?

We’d like to introduce you to Senses Mirage blinds. If you’ve not heard of them before, then this post will fill you in on what you need to know before trying them for yourself. We believe they’re a great way of providing coverage for your windows and by the time you’ve finished reading, we know you’ll agree. What they do, more so than other blinds, is provide more flexible control over light and privacy, without compromising on style and aesthetic value.

Senses Mirage Blinds – Greater control of Light and Privacy

Senses Mirage blinds are made in such a way that they offer the user greater control of the amount of light allowed in through the window. If you have a young family they are controlled via a Child Safety motorised operation or chain. They’re a great way of controlling not only light, but noise, and to a certain degree, privacy.

How Do They Work?

Senses Mirage work by cleverly arranged bands which are fitted at intervals so your blinds can be half open, fully open or completely closed. They work by changing the gap width as the blinds are dropped, this provides far greater control over the amount of light allowed in. It’s a clever operation that you are not aware of nor can you see, all you do have is the smooth mechanism that it gives you.

A Choice of Colours and Fabrics

Like with other blinds, Mirage blinds are versatile and are available in a wide variety of different colours with a refreshing range of different fabrics. This means you can have all the variety and versatility of traditional blinds, but with the extra light control options.

Flexibility of Installation

Senses Mirage blinds can be fitted one of two ways, either the face fix or inside the actual recess.

Low-Maintenance & Stylish

Mirage blinds are also known as day and nights blinds due to their ability to shut out light and allow privacy, offering the owner the perfect balance between the two. They offer the same practicality of low maintenance which conventional blinds give you but match it with so much more. As well an excellent choice of colours you can also have metallic and natural wood so you have great looking windows that fit in with your room’s themes and also add a touch of class to your home.

Knight Shades Edinburgh –For The Best in Blinds

If you’re thinking of having Senses Mirage blinds and you’d like to talk to someone, then do please give us a call. If you’re concerned about whether they’re right for your home, you have unusually shaped windows, or you have specific concerns about privacy and you think Senses Mirage blinds could help, then talk to us. We’re a friendly team who are both knowledgeable and friendly.

Choosing Blinds for Privacy

If you’ve decided to invest blinds for the first time and privacy is important to you, then you couldn’t have made a better choice. Blinds are perfect for giving you that all important privacy from the world outside because they’re made to fit your window. They offer light and noise control too, so your windows have various layers of protection.

Blinds That Match Your Style

You can choose from a variety of different styles, there are horizontal slated blinds, or vertical ones, which are great for keeping out prying eyes, and especially if your house or apartment sits directly on the street. Sometimes it’s difficult to limit the amount of light and privacy with curtains as it’s simply a case of open or shut, but with blinds, you can have light and privacy at the same time.

Sheer or Blackout Blinds Fabric

If you choose roller blinds for your home, you can have sheer or blackout fabric. Blackout blinds fabric shuts out light completely if you have an aversion to light while you sleep, but you can also have them down during the day if you want the light shut out completely. They’re good for children’s bedrooms and those who work night shifts.

Sheer fabric, on the other hand, can be pulled down during the day, but without blocking out the light. You can also add curtains if you wish to double up during winter. Sheer fabric looks really good too and so elegant.

Patio doors and bay windows will also benefit from blinds which are made for privacy, they can keep out the light, but at the same time allow it to flood in whenever you want.

Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds can be tilted in such a way that they will allow some light in but shut enough out so you get privacy. Wooden blinds are stylish and elegant but also help you to play with the light and decide how much you want to allow in, giving you privacy but not shrouding you in darkness.

What you’ll find is that blinds are so versatile, you can have a variety of different styles in each of your rooms and they can all provide you with excellent privacy as well as. Whatever theme, style or colour scheme you have going on, you don’t have to compromise on privacy, but you can have it exactly where you need it.

Knight Shades Blinds Edinburgh - Privacy Blinds For Your Home

If you’re looking for quality blinds in Edinburgh which offer privacy and style, then look no further than Knight Shades. We’ve been serving the local community of Edinburgh with durable quality blinds for many years, blinds which are both functional and stylish, never compromising on elegance or versatility. Get in touch today to arrange a free measurement and quote from one of our blind experts.

Interior Design Trends 2017

There were some great interior design trends last year, but things have changed slightly for 2017. While there are many 2016 styles that will continue, there will be new ones for 2017 that you may wish to incorporate into your home. Naturally, it helps if you’re about to change blinds or furnishings anyway, you can blend in 2016/17 looks together and create a unique style for the rest of this year.

Natural Colours

Natural colours are now taking over from the greys of last year. You can take some natural pastel colours and mix them up with your current colour scheme at home. You’ll create a really unique and tranquil setting, especially if you already have some bold colours to set them off against.

Bold and Neutral Shades Together

Injecting blasts of bold shades alongside warmer, more neutral colours can add vibrancy. You could also match them with colourful and pattern wallpaper and blinds, so your room is really lively and inviting. This can work anywhere, either in the living or sitting room, bedrooms and even hallways.

Mixing Prints and Patterns

You could also mix prints and patterns. You don’t have to have everything matching, just have one or two colours that complement each other, we’re talking subtle yet daring.


Metallics are still around and create quite an industrial look, especially in the kitchen. You can match brass, coppers and steel together, and match it with metal light fittings and utensils, with perhaps a metallic coloured set of blinds.


Work with textures, and bring in faux fur or leather and embossed blinds or cushions. You can also work with natural light and create brighter spaces. You can have skylights too or even bi-folding doors for letting more light in, this is especially good if you have little in the way of light and your rooms are normally quite dark.

Bring Some Nature into Your Home

You can also bring some nature indoors, choose fabric prints with botanical greens and bamboo browns. More natural colours will bring a coolness and calmness to the room and you can also have textures natural fibres for rugs and cushions.

Knight Shades Blinds Edinburgh

If you’re looking to add some light and shade, bold and neutral colours or textures and prints to your home, come in and have a chat with us here at Knight Shades. We have a versatile range of blinds in different styles, colours, patterns and textures, and there’s bound to be something that meets the current trend in interiors. Blinds are such a great way of covering your windows, making sure you have the right amount of protection from the sun, insulation from the cold and the right kind of chic minimalist style to make any room seem elegant. Get in touch today and let’s choose your blinds for this year.

Bathroom Blinds: A Practical and Stylish Choice

For your bathroom, blinds are the perfect choice. The reasons are many, space is at a premium in a bathroom and blinds allow for style and practicality as well as privacy. We’re hoping to convince you of the joys of bathroom blinds in this post, so if you’re in any doubt as to the advantages of this minimalist window coverage, let us do our work!

You Need Hard-Wearing Curtains in the Bathroom

When you have moisture and damp to contend with in a bathroom, you naturally want window coverage which will last. Although blinds are stronger and more practical than curtains, they need to be made from the right material as they can be affected by steam and damp. So, what type of blinds are suitable for the bathroom then?

Waterproof, PVC and Wipe-ability Vertical Blinds

Naturally it makes sense to have waterproof blinds and vertical are as good as any for light control, privacy and the damp conditions prevalent in the bathroom. You can have your vertical blinds made from PVC which can also be made from blackout material so you have privacy. You can choose from a number of different colours and fabrics, which means that you’re bound to find a colour that matches your décor. You can also have vertical blinds which are easy to wipe down, they’re also hard-wearing so you’ll get many years of use out of them.

Roller blinds, with all the practicalities and stylish too

Roller blinds are also an excellent choice. You can have them down when you’re using the bathroom for privacy and roll them up for the rest of the time to allow light in. You can also have PVC and with blackout and wipe down ability. You can simply use one chain to lift them up or down and if you have children, they can be made with chain breaks so there’s no accidents.

Knight Shades – for quality bathroom blinds

If you have any questions about what we’ve discussed today, why not give us a call? We’re a friendly team and always willing to help, so don’t be shy, get in touch today. And if you do want to have bathroom blinds fitted in your home, why not explore your options with us here at Knight Shades? We can also come and measure your bathroom windows, or you can do it yourself and bring in your measurements. We can help you choose the right style of blind and help you choose the fabric and colour.

For your bathroom, blinds are the perfect choice. The reasons are many, space is at a premium in a bathroom and blinds allow for style and practicality as well as privacy. We’re hoping to convince you of the joys of bathroom blinds in this post, so if you’re in any doubt as to the advantages of this minimalist window coverage, let us do our work!

You need hard-wearing curtains in the bathroom

When you have moisture and damp to contend with in a bathroom, you naturally want window coverage which will last. Although blinds are stronger and more practical than curtains, they need to be made from the right material as they can be affected by steam and damp. So, what type of blinds are suitable for the bathroom then?

Waterproof, PVC and wipe ability vertical blinds

Naturally it makes sense to have waterproof blinds and vertical are as good as any for light control, privacy and the damp conditions prevalent in the bathroom. You can have your vertical blinds made from PVC which can also be made from blackout material so you have privacy. You can choose from a number of different colours and fabrics, which means that you’re bound to find a colour that matches your décor. You can also have vertical blinds which are easy to wipe down, they’re also hard-wearing so you’ll get many years of use out of them.

Roller blinds, with all the practicalities and stylish too

Roller blinds are also an excellent choice. You can have them down when you’re using the bathroom for privacy and roll them up for the rest of the time to allow light in. You can also have PVC and with blackout and wipe down ability. You can simply use one chain to lift them up or down and if you have children, they can be made with chain breaks so there’s no accidents.

Knight Shades – for quality bathroom blinds

If you have any questions about what we’ve discussed today, why not give us a call? We’re a friendly team and always willing to help, so don’t be shy, get in touch today. And if you do want to have bathroom blinds fitted in your home, why not explore your options with us here at Knight Shades? We can also come and measure your bathroom windows, or you can do it yourself and bring in your measurements. We can help you choose the right style of blind and help you choose the fabric and colour.

Venetian Blinds – The Benefits

If you haven’t been turned on to the idea of Venetian Blinds yet perhaps we take the opportunity of convincing you today with this post. Venetian Blinds have such a great reputation for durability and functionality that they take the fun right out of curtains. In fact, once you’ve got Venetian Blinds on your windows, you won’t want to go back at all.

Durable and Versatile

Keep in mind that curtains only give you one option, open or shut. This means that noise, sun, and weather are only kept at a layer of fabric away, add to the fact that sun can still come through fabric, and even if it doesn’t, you have a darkened room that’s not fit for reading, or other tasks.

Controlling Light, UV Rays and Privacy

Blinds, on the other hand, do give you other options, especially Venetian blinds, which can be configured to many different positions. This means you can control the amount of light you allow into your home. Not only do you get to control the amount of light that comes in, protecting you from the sun’s rays, you can also have control over privacy, keeping out prying eyes, this is especially good if you live near a busy road.

Venetian Blinds Don’t Have to be Expensive

Venetian blinds aren’t anywhere near as expensive as you might think. Yes, they have to be measured, but here at Knight Shades our prices are reasonable, or if you want you can buy them ready made. Venetian blinds are so versatile and you can have them styled to suit most rooms, come in any colour, and there are many different finishes to choose from.

Easy to Install With Ready-Made or Made-to-Measure

If you do go with ready-made, you’ll find they’re surprisingly easy to install and in next to no time you have some stylish blinds that fit in with your personal style and interiors. Venetian blinds are also easy to maintain and last a long time, and cleaning them is a doddle, it’s simply a case of taking a damp cloth to each individual slat and then going over with a dry one after, and that’s it. Curtains, on the other hand, need to be taken down and either machine washed or dry cleaned and that’s another expense to add to the household bills.

The Benefits of Venetian Blinds

  • You can have them ready-made or made-to-measure

  • They’re easy to clean and maintain

  • They’re both versatile and durable

  • You can easily control the amount of light you allow in

  • You can control the amount of privacy and keep prying eyes away from valuables.

Knight Shades – Stylish Reliable Made-to-Measure Venetian Blinds

Get in touch or pay us a visit at our showroom, we’re here to help should you have any further questions.

Blackout Blinds Benefits

The days are gradually getting longer, and this is good news if you’re not a great fan of the winter months and the long dark days. Spring is on its way, and with that in mind, we turn our minds to blackout blinds. With longer days on the horizon, it’s likely that adults, and especially children, will find it harder to sleep with the drawn-out daylight hours.

Blackout blinds offer a relief from this, giving you the opportunity to sleep with the light blocked out completely if that’s what you need to help you drop off. That way you can keep the room dark enough so you can have a night time’s worth of uninterrupted sleep.

Who are blackout blinds for?

As you’ll agree, blackout blinds are for anyone who finds it difficult to sleep when it’s very light, usually in spring and summer. Children are prone to rising early when it’s light, deceiving them into thinking it’s time to get up. Blackout blinds are also ideal for those who work night shifts and need to sleep during the day. They’re also ideal for those who are finding it difficult to sleep at night and need to nap during the day to catch up on sleep. You may find yourself in a city close to lights which are on all night, blackout blinds are the perfect solution.

Blinds AND Curtains

Now you’re starting to see the benefits of blackout blinds, let’s look at the choices you have and how they’re made. Blackout blinds are either roller or roman and achieve their ability to completely block out light due to a unique backing which stops the light from penetrating through. There’s nothing stopping you from also pairing blackout blinds with curtains, this creates a layered look and gives you added insulation.

Blackout Blinds Benefits

Blackout blinds have so many benefits, including being noise proof. This is especially good if you live near a busy street or you have noisy neighbours. Even if it doesn’t manage to completely block out all noise, it will be muffled and nowhere near as loud as it would be normally.

Blackout Blinds in Summer and Winter

If you use blackout blinds during the winter months then you’ll be pleased to know that they provide great insulation, helping to keep your rooms warm. On the opposite side of the spectrum, when it’s really hot, they can help block out heat and keep the environment cool enough to be bearable, rather than stuffy and clammy.

Blackout Blinds in a Multitude of Different Colours

Blackout blinds don’t have to be boring colours either, they can be in any colour you like, because there’s a versatile range on offer. Here at Knight Shades we make sure that we always offer a wide range of colours and patterns so you can find something that’ll fit in with your personal style, and of course your furnishings. Roman and Roller are the two styles of blind which work well with blackout fabric, which as we’ve already mentioned can also be used alongside curtains if you want both.

Knight Shades – For Quality Blackout Blinds

Get in touch should you have any further questions on blackout blinds or drop in and see us. Either way, whether you come in or give us a call, one of our friendly team members will be on hand to help you with your queries. 

What are Child Safe Blinds?

It’s important to make sure that children are safe in our homes throughout the year. We’re used to making sure we put away things that might cause harm, sharp objects, keeping the floor clear of things that may cause them to trip and fall, but we rarely think about the windows.

Blind Cords Can Cause Accidents

If you have curtains, they cause all sorts of accidents around children, so naturally when you decide to buy blinds, you probably think they’re now safe from harm. That’s not the case though, blinds can cause accidents too, usually with the cord, and accidents have been reported in the news involving children. With this in mind then, child safety blinds are now a priority when there are children in the home. Here at Knight Shades we sell child safety blinds, blinds which are controlled in such a way that they are won’t cause any harm.

British Standards Now Insist That All Blinds Comply With Their Specifications

In 2014, it became law for internal blinds to comply with the British Standards. This means that when you buy internal blinds with the BS kite sign you know you’re purchasing something that’s safe to have around your children and give you peace of mind.

We’re going to go over some of the different types of child safety blinds you can get, take a look and if you’re thinking of investing in blinds of this type, you can see which one works best for you.

Tilt Wand Blinds

These operate with a want which will tilt the blinds to whichever angle you want them. They’re safe because there are no cords exposed which could lead to your child becoming entangled.

Draw Wand Blinds

Draw wand blinds work in the same way as the tilt wands and work best with panel and vertical blinds.

Hand Operated Blinds

These are exactly what they say – hand operated and are opened and closed by hand. They may sometimes come with tension cords which are hidden, and these will help keep them in the position you want. They have no exposed cords as with the draw and tilt wands, so they make great child safety blinds.

Blinds With Cords

You can still have blinds with cords, but they can come with what’s known as a chain-break connector, they come apart when you pull on them, but can easily be put back together. You can also have tensioners and cord tidies which also help keep the cord out of reach of children. You can choose from Roller, blackout, Venetian or wooden, and they can all have safety measures added to them.

As blinds are part of the fixtures and fittings we believe it’s always best to have them fitted professionally. This way you’re safe in the knowledge your children are safe around them. A professional can fit your blinds and make sure that all safety considerations are checked before use.

Knight Shades – A Varied Selection of Child Safe Blinds

Here at Knight Shades we have a wide selection of blinds to choose from and they all come with child safety options, so there’s no need to think you’ll be left with something boring and unattractive. Why don’t you get in touch with us here at Knight Shades and speak to one of our team and we can talk you through your options and arrange a suitable time to measure your windows.

Venetian Blinds Cleaning Tips

Today our post is going to focus on Venetian blinds and how to clean them. We all know the clear advantages of having blinds as opposed to curtains. The question is how do you clean them? The one advantage with most blinds, and especially Venetian blinds is that they’re easy enough to clean, and you don’t have to take them down to do it. However, if you have curtains or nets, then they usually have to be taken down and dry cleaned and/thrown into the washing machine.

Don’t Make it Harder Than it Needs To Be

There is a lot more horizontal surface area with Venetian blinds and there can be a few more slats, but this doesn’t mean they should be a nightmare to clean. With a little careful thought and consideration, cleaning your Venetian blinds can be a quick job you don’t have to spend too much time on.

Shut Position and Get the Gloves Ready

To begin with, if you want to make it simpler, make sure your Venetian blinds are in the shut position before you start. Put on some protective gloves, preferably a pair of gloves which are made specially to attract dust, paper towels are also good as are clothes dryer sheets. Just draw them along each slat slowly until each one has had dust and grime removed.

Vacuuming Venetian Blinds?

Yes, vacuuming the blinds is one way to clean the slats, obviously, you’ll need an upholstery attachment or you can even buy one specially for cleaning blinds. It’s important not to use too strong a suction or you could break individual slats, so keep this in mind.

Wooden Venetian Blinds

Wooden Venetian blinds will need to be cleaned differently, water or any liquid won’t be suitable for wood because it’s a very absorbent material. If used, the water could warp the slats when drying. It could also de-laminate the wood and damage the finish, which could also lead to peeling. Use simple light dry dusting methods and avoid liquids altogether.

Knight Shades – The Blinds Specialists

Still have question on cleaning your Venetian blinds? You can always get in touch, we’re here to help you, we’re a specialist blind company that prides itself on blind installation and design. We can tailor our blinds to suit your home and your personal tastes with bespoke design and manufacture, and we’re very experienced in domestic and commercial installation. Good luck with your cleaning and let us know if you have any questions!

Choosing the Right Blinds for Your Home

Choosing the right blinds for your home is crucial, after all they’re an investment in your home and once you have them, they’ll be there for quite some time, so it’s important to choose well. Today, our post is on choosing the right blinds for you home, and we hope you find it helpful in coming to a decision about which blinds are right for your windows.

Here at Knight Shades we have a wide variety of different blinds, including Venetian, Vertical, Roller, Roman, Intu, Wooden and Blackout, each with their own practical functions and styles.

Venetian Blinds

Venetian are great for controlling light and ensuring privacy. A Venetian blind consists of horizontal slats made from a variety of materials including wood, plastic and vinyl, which one you choose is a matter of personal taste. They are normally opened and closed with a chain or cord and this is how the light is controlled. You can either have them fully shut, partially or open.

Vertical Blinds

The slats are vertical rather than horizontal with vertical blinds, and like Venetian blinds, control over light is used with a cord or chain. Both types of blinds are minimalist in their design, but lend themselves well to both classic and contemporary styles, coming in a range of different colours.

Roller Blinds

Roller blinds consist of fabric which covers the entire window when pulled down and can be rolled up using a cord. You can have them halfway down or all the way up, it’s up to you how much light you want to allow in. Again, roller blinds come in a variety of different fabrics and colours.

Roman Blinds

Roman blinds consist of pleats pulled shut with a string or cord. They’re good at blocking out light as they fit right inside the window and are extremely hard-wearing. You can have them fitted with thermal fabric or blackout fabric which is good for blocking out light completely. This is ideal if you have young children who can’t sleep with too much light.

Intu Blinds

Intu blinds fit directly on to a window and can be fitted without drilling. This is ideal if you want to fit them yourself without relying on someone else. They aren’t closed with chains or cords unlike other blinds, so they’re a perfect choice if you have children, so you don’t have to worry about health and safety hazards.

Wooden Blinds

Wood is an elegant material, so if you’d like your blinds fitted with wood, then vertical or Venetian blinds are perfect for this. They can also be finished off with a variety of different colours so your blinds will fit in with your décor.

Blackout Blinds

As we’ve already mentioned, blackout blinds are perfect for a home with children. If the young ones are finding it hard to get off to sleep, or perhaps even if you have adults who prefer to sleep in complete darkness, then blackout blinds are ideal.

Knight Shades – Quality Blinds, Fantastic Prices

Here at Knight Shades we provide blinds that are tailored to your specifications, whatever your personal style, the décor of your home, or the shape of your windows. We’ll be able to create the perfect bespoke design for you regardless of how unusually shaped your windows are, and offer you a variety of colours, patterns and fabrics which will fit in perfectly with the style of each room.

We are experienced in both domestic and commercial installation with many years’ experience, and a lot of our work comes via recommendation from satisfied customers. Get in touch and arrange your free home measurement and consultation today.

Why Choose Printed Business Blinds?

If you want your corporate identity to be seen clearly for potential customers and colleagues, then what better way to do it than with printed business blinds, or logo blinds?

Get the Right Kind of Exposure With Our Logo Blinds

Printed business blinds help your business to get the best kind of exposure it can get by being seen on the inside and outside of your premises. If you lack the space to display your business logo anywhere on the walls, then the windows are perfect. Even if the blinds are only halfway up, you can see the logo so it’s visible all of the time. The top cassette of the blind also allow for strips of fabric to be inserted, which means that your logo can still be seen when the blinds have been rolled up.

It doesn’t have to be a logo, it can be a photograph, illustration or slogan

If you don’t have a logo yet and you’re not thinking of having one, then you can have something else. You can use illustrations or photographs, or perhaps even a slogan or you could come up with your own promotional message. If you can’t come up with anything else, then one of our team can certainly help.

Have Your Branding Whichever Way You Want It

The blinds can face the exterior or interior of your windows. We can give your blinds fabrics which help make sure your logos are seen when light passes through from behind so your logo is illuminated. You can also have blackout blinds with both sides of the blind showing the logo clearly.

High Standards and a High Level of Workmanship

We have high standards here at Knight Shades and we like to create first class blinds made from good quality fabric. We use the best equipment and the latest technology so your logos, photographs, illustrations or slogans are beautiful reproduced and we have an excellent range of colours to choose from. We use best skills to create the very best work when it comes to branding, because it’s something we’re passionate about.

Business Blinds With Knight Shades

Get in touch with us here at Knight Shades if you’re thinking of having business blinds with your logo or slogan. It’ll really get your name out there, and if you’re a start-up it could give you the kind of exposure you need. We’re a professional and friendly team and we’re happy to work with you to create the perfect business blind that you’re happy with and which shows off your brand in the best light. 

Your Guide to Roman Blinds

Rather than have tired old blinds or curtains covering up your windows, why not invest in something which will help your home look smart, individual, unique, while at the same time providing perfect coverage and protection from the sun?

Roman Blinds - Versatility, Contemporary Feel, Classic Look

Here at Knight Shades we have an excellent range of roman blinds in a variety of colours and fabrics, so you’ll be spoilt for choice. What you get with roman blinds is the combination of both curtain and blind, so you get the best of both. Your windows can have the warmth, traditional colours and fabric of curtains, but with the minimalist shape and design of a blind.

Operate Them in a Multitude of Different Ways

Lift cords, chains or electric motor operate a roman blind, they’re modern while retaining some traditional elements, so your home looks modern yet classic. When the blind is pulled up, it creates a cascading effect, beautiful and smooth while being utterly chic.

Match the Décor Perfectly

Your roman blinds can perfectly match the furniture, carpets and interior décor creating a luxurious feel to a room. You can use rich heavier fabrics or stick to a lighter linen. You can use the same set of blinds throughout your home, or you can try different ones for each room.

Want to shut out the light?

For your bedroom, if you prefer it dark at night, you can buy roman blinds made with blackout fabric, or simply darker, heavier fabric that shuts out the light.

Where roman blinds are flexible is that you can have them in almost any fabric, pattern and colour so they perfectly match your interiors.

Reflective Backing

As well as having roman blinds with blackout material to shut out the light, you can also have them with a reflective backing. They stop heat from escaping in winter, and in summer they can reflect the heat so the room is kept nice and cool.

Roman Blinds From Knight Shades Edinburgh

If you want roman blinds for your home, then why not get in touch with us here at Knight Shades and we can talk you through the different fabrics, patterns and colours you can have, and then you can order them from us.



Choosing Bathroom Blinds

Blinds are a perfect choice for the bathroom as they give accurate coverage for the window, and naturally, this is important in terms of privacy. You want your bathroom to give you plenty of privacy as well as insulation in winter, and a reduction in sound all year round, so you can bathe in peace.

Choose Your Bathroom Blinds Carefully

Choosing blinds for the bathroom is slightly different to buying them for the living room or the hallway, or bedroom. The kitchen is similar in nature to the bathroom in that there are changing temperatures and lots of moisture to deal with, although obviously the bathroom has more to deal in terms of dampness and moisture.

Window Coverage is Essential For Your Bathroom Windows

You naturally want to invest in good quality window coverage for the bathroom and the materials you use are crucial. This is because as you already know, there is a high level of moisture and heat in the bathroom. Use an inappropriate application, and you’ll find it’s not too long before you’re regretting your purchase. You’ll be disappointed with the results and the performance and you’ll have wasted money.

Avoid Blinds That Will Sarp, Swell and Crack Due to Moisture

With high moisture environment you need blinds that will keep their shape and not warp or crack. Of course the level of moisture is dependent on the number of appliances you have dispensing water and the quality of ventilation in the room. Erring on the side of caution you need bathroom blinds made of moisture resistant material and high privacy factor.

Damp and Moisture Can Damage Walls and Flooring

The dampness can sometimes be trapped inside the room due to a number of different factors such as whether you have any of the things we’ve mentioned above such as ventilation or windows. If you don’t have any of these things, then its more than likely that moisture will turn to damp damaging walls and flooring.

Bathroom Blinds Resistant to Mould and Moisture

You’ll need material that is resistant to mould and moisture so go for a wood effect or aluminium. Keep in mind that wood will warp and swell, so just stick to wood effect rather than real wood. Roller blind are good as are Venetian, and you can get blinds made from material that specifically blocks out UV rays and light. This way you can have a quiet and peaceful bathroom, free from the sun’s glare and free from prying eyes.

Knight Shades – For Bathroom Blinds That Work

You can talk to our team any time and discuss your bathroom blinds. We’re happy to advise and you can ask us about anything you’re unsure of. We can even install them for you. Don’t let your bathroom blinds let you down, get in touch today and let’s talk, our team are professional, reliable and well trained, so you know you’ll be in safe hands.