Interior Design Trends 2017

There were some great interior design trends last year, but things have changed slightly for 2017. While there are many 2016 styles that will continue, there will be new ones for 2017 that you may wish to incorporate into your home. Naturally, it helps if you’re about to change blinds or furnishings anyway, you can blend in 2016/17 looks together and create a unique style for the rest of this year.

Natural Colours

Natural colours are now taking over from the greys of last year. You can take some natural pastel colours and mix them up with your current colour scheme at home. You’ll create a really unique and tranquil setting, especially if you already have some bold colours to set them off against.

Bold and Neutral Shades Together

Injecting blasts of bold shades alongside warmer, more neutral colours can add vibrancy. You could also match them with colourful and pattern wallpaper and blinds, so your room is really lively and inviting. This can work anywhere, either in the living or sitting room, bedrooms and even hallways.

Mixing Prints and Patterns

You could also mix prints and patterns. You don’t have to have everything matching, just have one or two colours that complement each other, we’re talking subtle yet daring.


Metallics are still around and create quite an industrial look, especially in the kitchen. You can match brass, coppers and steel together, and match it with metal light fittings and utensils, with perhaps a metallic coloured set of blinds.


Work with textures, and bring in faux fur or leather and embossed blinds or cushions. You can also work with natural light and create brighter spaces. You can have skylights too or even bi-folding doors for letting more light in, this is especially good if you have little in the way of light and your rooms are normally quite dark.

Bring Some Nature into Your Home

You can also bring some nature indoors, choose fabric prints with botanical greens and bamboo browns. More natural colours will bring a coolness and calmness to the room and you can also have textures natural fibres for rugs and cushions.

Knight Shades Blinds Edinburgh

If you’re looking to add some light and shade, bold and neutral colours or textures and prints to your home, come in and have a chat with us here at Knight Shades. We have a versatile range of blinds in different styles, colours, patterns and textures, and there’s bound to be something that meets the current trend in interiors. Blinds are such a great way of covering your windows, making sure you have the right amount of protection from the sun, insulation from the cold and the right kind of chic minimalist style to make any room seem elegant. Get in touch today and let’s choose your blinds for this year.