Why Choose Senses Mirage Blinds?

We’d like to introduce you to Senses Mirage blinds. If you’ve not heard of them before, then this post will fill you in on what you need to know before trying them for yourself. We believe they’re a great way of providing coverage for your windows and by the time you’ve finished reading, we know you’ll agree. What they do, more so than other blinds, is provide more flexible control over light and privacy, without compromising on style and aesthetic value.

Senses Mirage Blinds – Greater control of Light and Privacy

Senses Mirage blinds are made in such a way that they offer the user greater control of the amount of light allowed in through the window. If you have a young family they are controlled via a Child Safety motorised operation or chain. They’re a great way of controlling not only light, but noise, and to a certain degree, privacy.

How Do They Work?

Senses Mirage work by cleverly arranged bands which are fitted at intervals so your blinds can be half open, fully open or completely closed. They work by changing the gap width as the blinds are dropped, this provides far greater control over the amount of light allowed in. It’s a clever operation that you are not aware of nor can you see, all you do have is the smooth mechanism that it gives you.

A Choice of Colours and Fabrics

Like with other blinds, Mirage blinds are versatile and are available in a wide variety of different colours with a refreshing range of different fabrics. This means you can have all the variety and versatility of traditional blinds, but with the extra light control options.

Flexibility of Installation

Senses Mirage blinds can be fitted one of two ways, either the face fix or inside the actual recess.

Low-Maintenance & Stylish

Mirage blinds are also known as day and nights blinds due to their ability to shut out light and allow privacy, offering the owner the perfect balance between the two. They offer the same practicality of low maintenance which conventional blinds give you but match it with so much more. As well an excellent choice of colours you can also have metallic and natural wood so you have great looking windows that fit in with your room’s themes and also add a touch of class to your home.

Knight Shades Edinburgh –For The Best in Blinds

If you’re thinking of having Senses Mirage blinds and you’d like to talk to someone, then do please give us a call. If you’re concerned about whether they’re right for your home, you have unusually shaped windows, or you have specific concerns about privacy and you think Senses Mirage blinds could help, then talk to us. We’re a friendly team who are both knowledgeable and friendly.