PVC Vertical Blinds For Schools

If you’re in charge of a school, then perhaps you’re in a quandary as to which type of blinds you should have on your school windows as quality coverage. Perhaps it’s time for a new set to replace the ones you have had before and you’re on a limited budget. 

Whatever the case is, you’ll be looking for something that is cost-effective, while at the same time offering the right type of coverage you need that suits the classrooms they’ll be in, and the types of lessons they’ll be having.

PVC Vertical Blinds – A Natural Choice For Schools

Naturally you’ll also need them to be relatively maintenance free or at least be easy to clean and long lasting. We would suggest PVC as a potential material, used in vertical blinds. Firstly, what is PVC?

What is PVC?

All polymers come from petroleum and they are hydrocarbon compounds. PVC consists not only of plastics, but of different materials each with their own characteristics. There are natural polymers, like cellulose, and there’s also amber, rubber and shellac which are man-made.

Why are PVC Vertical Blinds a Good Choice For Schools?

PVC vertical blinds are elegant and sleek and offer great value for money, but what makes them really good value for schools is that they’re easy to clean and easy to control with a wand control system that makes them really safe around children. They fit any window regardless of size, and if they’re an unusual shape, then they can be custom made to fit. If you have sliding or French doors, the versatile PVC vertical blind range we have here at Knight Shades is really impressive, and you’ll easily find something which suits.

Durable and Robust PVC Vertical Blinds

PVC vertical blinds are robust and durable, as well as functional, so you’ll certainly get a return on your investment. The slats are also easy to replace, so if one or two become damaged they can be easily replaced, rather than having to replace the whole set.

If you’re watching a film or giving a presentation via PC or projector, then blinds are perfect, because they can shut out just the right amount of light, so you have more control over privacy and light.

Versatile PVC Vertical Blinds - Wide Range of Colours and Sizes

If you feel that PVC vertical blinds are just what you’re looking for in your school, then get in touch with us here at Knight Shades, and we can talk you through our range. If you need them customised for unusually shaped windows, don’t worry, we can create blinds that fit perfectly.