Why Choose INTU Blinds?

If you’re looking for a smooth, sleek look for your windows, a blind system that’s safe as well as easy to install, then Intu blinds may be the right choice. If you have children and you’re worried they’ll injure themselves using cords, then Intu blinds offer the perfect solution. We’re going to be talking about Intu blinds and why they’re the perfect choice, an all-round blind that performs on so many levels.

Versatile Blinds

Intu blinds work with tilt and turn windows as well as all modern windows, regardless of shape. There also great for conservatories and glazed doors. So there’s no real issue about where you can have them, regardless of how unusually shaped your windows are, or whether you have French windows or a conservatory. Intu blinds are made in such a way they can fit snuggly into any shape of window or door.

Control Over Light and Privacy

Intu blinds not only fit well, they’re also great at controlling light and privacy, allowing you to let in the right amount of light when you need without opening up your entire window, and giving you the privacy you need.

Ease of Installation

They’re really easy to install too, fitting in beautifully with the window, you can even choose colours to match the window frames, and if you have PVC windows this is probably going to be white. It just allows for the blinds to fit in sleekly with the frame of the window, you can also have brown or silver, whichever fits in with the shade of your frames.

Operating Rod For Easy Opening and Closing of Blinds

Although there are no cords with Intu blinds, you can have an operating rod which helps you to reach the top of the blind to bring it down. These operating rods are supplied with your blind, and you can use them to open and close your Intu blinds safely and quickly. There are no cords attached to the blind itself, so there’s nothing to tempt little hands, giving you peace of mind.

It’s easy to control, with most styles of blind available with the Intu style rod, even Venetian, roller and pleated. With roller blinds in particular, there’s a fascia where the blind fabric is stored, giving the blinds a really attractive finish.

Versatility, Elegance, Ease to Operate, Light Control and Privacy

So, with Intu blind you get a whole look that fits in with the window frame as well as the rest of the interior of your room. They fit beautifully into the window giving both a sleek and elegant finish, they’re also safe from prying hands with a separate operating rod to bring the blinds down and to put them back up.

KnightShades – Quality Intu Blinds in a Variety of Styles

If you’re interested in having Intu blinds installed in your home or would like to find out more, why not get in touch with us here at KnightShades? One of our team can help you, we’re all professionally trained and experienced so you’ll be in safe hands.