Why Choose Printed Business Blinds?

If you want your corporate identity to be seen clearly for potential customers and colleagues, then what better way to do it than with printed business blinds, or logo blinds?

Get the Right Kind of Exposure With Our Logo Blinds

Printed business blinds help your business to get the best kind of exposure it can get by being seen on the inside and outside of your premises. If you lack the space to display your business logo anywhere on the walls, then the windows are perfect. Even if the blinds are only halfway up, you can see the logo so it’s visible all of the time. The top cassette of the blind also allow for strips of fabric to be inserted, which means that your logo can still be seen when the blinds have been rolled up.

It doesn’t have to be a logo, it can be a photograph, illustration or slogan

If you don’t have a logo yet and you’re not thinking of having one, then you can have something else. You can use illustrations or photographs, or perhaps even a slogan or you could come up with your own promotional message. If you can’t come up with anything else, then one of our team can certainly help.

Have Your Branding Whichever Way You Want It

The blinds can face the exterior or interior of your windows. We can give your blinds fabrics which help make sure your logos are seen when light passes through from behind so your logo is illuminated. You can also have blackout blinds with both sides of the blind showing the logo clearly.

High Standards and a High Level of Workmanship

We have high standards here at Knight Shades and we like to create first class blinds made from good quality fabric. We use the best equipment and the latest technology so your logos, photographs, illustrations or slogans are beautiful reproduced and we have an excellent range of colours to choose from. We use best skills to create the very best work when it comes to branding, because it’s something we’re passionate about.

Business Blinds With Knight Shades

Get in touch with us here at Knight Shades if you’re thinking of having business blinds with your logo or slogan. It’ll really get your name out there, and if you’re a start-up it could give you the kind of exposure you need. We’re a professional and friendly team and we’re happy to work with you to create the perfect business blind that you’re happy with and which shows off your brand in the best light.