Your Guide to Roman Blinds

Rather than have tired old blinds or curtains covering up your windows, why not invest in something which will help your home look smart, individual, unique, while at the same time providing perfect coverage and protection from the sun?

Roman Blinds - Versatility, Contemporary Feel, Classic Look

Here at Knight Shades we have an excellent range of roman blinds in a variety of colours and fabrics, so you’ll be spoilt for choice. What you get with roman blinds is the combination of both curtain and blind, so you get the best of both. Your windows can have the warmth, traditional colours and fabric of curtains, but with the minimalist shape and design of a blind.

Operate Them in a Multitude of Different Ways

Lift cords, chains or electric motor operate a roman blind, they’re modern while retaining some traditional elements, so your home looks modern yet classic. When the blind is pulled up, it creates a cascading effect, beautiful and smooth while being utterly chic.

Match the Décor Perfectly

Your roman blinds can perfectly match the furniture, carpets and interior décor creating a luxurious feel to a room. You can use rich heavier fabrics or stick to a lighter linen. You can use the same set of blinds throughout your home, or you can try different ones for each room.

Want to shut out the light?

For your bedroom, if you prefer it dark at night, you can buy roman blinds made with blackout fabric, or simply darker, heavier fabric that shuts out the light.

Where roman blinds are flexible is that you can have them in almost any fabric, pattern and colour so they perfectly match your interiors.

Reflective Backing

As well as having roman blinds with blackout material to shut out the light, you can also have them with a reflective backing. They stop heat from escaping in winter, and in summer they can reflect the heat so the room is kept nice and cool.

Roman Blinds From Knight Shades Edinburgh

If you want roman blinds for your home, then why not get in touch with us here at Knight Shades and we can talk you through the different fabrics, patterns and colours you can have, and then you can order them from us.