Blackout Blinds Benefits

The days are gradually getting longer, and this is good news if you’re not a great fan of the winter months and the long dark days. Spring is on its way, and with that in mind, we turn our minds to blackout blinds. With longer days on the horizon, it’s likely that adults, and especially children, will find it harder to sleep with the drawn-out daylight hours.

Blackout blinds offer a relief from this, giving you the opportunity to sleep with the light blocked out completely if that’s what you need to help you drop off. That way you can keep the room dark enough so you can have a night time’s worth of uninterrupted sleep.

Who are blackout blinds for?

As you’ll agree, blackout blinds are for anyone who finds it difficult to sleep when it’s very light, usually in spring and summer. Children are prone to rising early when it’s light, deceiving them into thinking it’s time to get up. Blackout blinds are also ideal for those who work night shifts and need to sleep during the day. They’re also ideal for those who are finding it difficult to sleep at night and need to nap during the day to catch up on sleep. You may find yourself in a city close to lights which are on all night, blackout blinds are the perfect solution.

Blinds AND Curtains

Now you’re starting to see the benefits of blackout blinds, let’s look at the choices you have and how they’re made. Blackout blinds are either roller or roman and achieve their ability to completely block out light due to a unique backing which stops the light from penetrating through. There’s nothing stopping you from also pairing blackout blinds with curtains, this creates a layered look and gives you added insulation.

Blackout Blinds Benefits

Blackout blinds have so many benefits, including being noise proof. This is especially good if you live near a busy street or you have noisy neighbours. Even if it doesn’t manage to completely block out all noise, it will be muffled and nowhere near as loud as it would be normally.

Blackout Blinds in Summer and Winter

If you use blackout blinds during the winter months then you’ll be pleased to know that they provide great insulation, helping to keep your rooms warm. On the opposite side of the spectrum, when it’s really hot, they can help block out heat and keep the environment cool enough to be bearable, rather than stuffy and clammy.

Blackout Blinds in a Multitude of Different Colours

Blackout blinds don’t have to be boring colours either, they can be in any colour you like, because there’s a versatile range on offer. Here at Knight Shades we make sure that we always offer a wide range of colours and patterns so you can find something that’ll fit in with your personal style, and of course your furnishings. Roman and Roller are the two styles of blind which work well with blackout fabric, which as we’ve already mentioned can also be used alongside curtains if you want both.

Knight Shades – For Quality Blackout Blinds

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