Venetian Blinds – The Benefits

If you haven’t been turned on to the idea of Venetian Blinds yet perhaps we take the opportunity of convincing you today with this post. Venetian Blinds have such a great reputation for durability and functionality that they take the fun right out of curtains. In fact, once you’ve got Venetian Blinds on your windows, you won’t want to go back at all.

Durable and Versatile

Keep in mind that curtains only give you one option, open or shut. This means that noise, sun, and weather are only kept at a layer of fabric away, add to the fact that sun can still come through fabric, and even if it doesn’t, you have a darkened room that’s not fit for reading, or other tasks.

Controlling Light, UV Rays and Privacy

Blinds, on the other hand, do give you other options, especially Venetian blinds, which can be configured to many different positions. This means you can control the amount of light you allow into your home. Not only do you get to control the amount of light that comes in, protecting you from the sun’s rays, you can also have control over privacy, keeping out prying eyes, this is especially good if you live near a busy road.

Venetian Blinds Don’t Have to be Expensive

Venetian blinds aren’t anywhere near as expensive as you might think. Yes, they have to be measured, but here at Knight Shades our prices are reasonable, or if you want you can buy them ready made. Venetian blinds are so versatile and you can have them styled to suit most rooms, come in any colour, and there are many different finishes to choose from.

Easy to Install With Ready-Made or Made-to-Measure

If you do go with ready-made, you’ll find they’re surprisingly easy to install and in next to no time you have some stylish blinds that fit in with your personal style and interiors. Venetian blinds are also easy to maintain and last a long time, and cleaning them is a doddle, it’s simply a case of taking a damp cloth to each individual slat and then going over with a dry one after, and that’s it. Curtains, on the other hand, need to be taken down and either machine washed or dry cleaned and that’s another expense to add to the household bills.

The Benefits of Venetian Blinds

  • You can have them ready-made or made-to-measure

  • They’re easy to clean and maintain

  • They’re both versatile and durable

  • You can easily control the amount of light you allow in

  • You can control the amount of privacy and keep prying eyes away from valuables.

Knight Shades – Stylish Reliable Made-to-Measure Venetian Blinds

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