Benefits of Blackout Roller Blinds This Winter

Why would you want to invest in blackout roller blinds? Well, the reasons are simple. Firstly, the days are short for now and the evenings grow darker much quicker, but the longer days are only around the corner. Soon, the clocks will go forward, and spring will thankfully raise its head, flowers, new leaves on the trees and a sprinkling of clean fresh grass. But with those wonderful changes comes more daylight and more sun.

As there will be more daylight and light shining in through our windows it will be really uplifting and a welcome change from the darkness of winter. However, with this comes potentially faded furniture, unnecessary heat and an inability to get off to sleep at night, especially for the kids.

Blackout Blinds Will Help You To Control That Light

That’s why blackout roller blinds are the perfect antidote to all that extra light. Blackout blinds black out the light, which is fairly obvious from the name, but they give you so much more too. They also give you much needed privacy, especially if you live near a busy street with lots of foot traffic. If you’re watching a movie and you don’t want light shining on the screen, they’re perfect, so if you have a dedicated media room, they’ll help shield the screen from unwanted sunlight.

Blackout Blinds Offer a Lot of Other Benefits Too

These include insulation, so that when the colder weather comes, or if we’re still suffering from the cold in the weeks leading up to summer, then they’ll help retain the heat, saving you money on energy bills. In reverse, once the warmer weather comes, they’ll help protect against heat and keep the room cool.

Sound Insulation Helps Cut Out Noise

Not only that but they give excellent sound insulation too. Street noise, children shouting outside, traffic, whatever it is, blackout roller blinds will give you respite from the noise, and help you get a good night’s sleep.

Blackout Blinds Are Also Great For Kids

They help them to get off to sleep when the evenings are lighter rather than keeping them awake way past their bedtime, helping to cut out noise and helping them to have a peaceful and undisturbed night. Blackout blinds are also great for bathrooms and bedrooms and help to stop furniture fade. If you’re thinking of having them installed, you couldn’t find a more versatile window covering.

Knight Shades Blinds Edinburgh – For The Best in Blackout Roller Blinds

Here at Knight Shades we have a versatile, quality range of blackout blinds and in a variety of different colours patterns and styles, so go on, give us a call and get in touch. We can even measure and then install your blackout blinds for you – so what do you have to lose? Get in touch with one of our experts today!