Interior Design Trends for 2018

Today, we’d like to talk to you about interior design trends for interiors in 2018. By giving you the heads up on what’s in and what’s not, we feel we’re giving you a head start in choosing your blinds for the coming year. You don’t have to follow the trends slavishly but take just one or two hints and use them in your own way.


The use of colour is going to be a big feature with both warm and earthy colours sharing the limelight with more neutral shades. Rich colours will work well in any room and give a soothing feel if they’re paired with stronger colours to give a more calm and rounded look.

Walk Away From The Steel and White

There’ll be less stainless steel and gleaming white in the kitchen with a farmhouse feel coming into play, and not just in the kitchen, but in the bathroom too. There’ll be different materials used such as copper, granite and concrete for sinks, and darker colours such as black and grey. People are now looking for more warmth and a move away from the sterility of white, a more rustic feel is more welcoming, and people are now willing to experiment with this.

For The Love of Concrete

Yes, concrete will be more popular this year and what makes it more attractive is the fact it’s so affordable. It’s more commonly used with floors and worktops but now it’s also starting to be used in lighting as well as furniture. There’s plenty of opportunity here for imaginative use of this versatile material throughout the home.

Light Up Your Home

Lighting has always been important factor when it comes to any room in the home. Vintage lighting is going to be taking centre stage in 2018 with lanterns, chandeliers and sconces providing the most stunning illumination. And you can have your vintage lights with the most up to date technology. They certainly add something unique and original to any room.

How About Florals?

Yes, we’ve had botanicals as a trend before, but no one’s tired of them yet. There’s also floral patterns in really exciting colours, there’s potential here to do something really different for a standout look.

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