Your Guide to Window Shutters

We’re giving you a guide to window shutters because we believe they’re the best window coverage when it comes to elegance and old-fashioned charm. They have a long history, and it’s no surprise people go for this type of coverage as they are such a beautiful feature of any room. 

Shutters offer such variety

If you thought that there’s only one type of window shutters you couldn’t be more wrong, you’ll find there’s a different type of shutter for every room taste and style. You can have different shutters that fit with whatever theme you have going on and have harmony between window and furnishings. From full height to seamless panels or tier-on-tier, there’s something for everyone. With tier-on-tier you can open both the top and the bottom panels without having to have both open at the same time, so if you just want the one open, you can. You can also have tracked shutters, which you can have fitted to patio doors. They’re solid panels and are great for unusually shaped windows. 

They’re so easy to open and shut

Shutters can be operated simply and efficiently, they’ll come with hinged panels and they close in and out, much like a fan or a concertina. You can stick them to one side when they’re open and just shut like a set of doors when you’re ready to close them.

They’re easy to adjust too

Most shutters, other than solid ones will have louvres which can be adjusted. There are tilt rods which will let you open and close them and you can have these either at the centre or at the sides. 

Paint your shutters so they match your room perfectly

You can paint your shutters easily, so they match the rest of your rooms, in whichever décor you’ve chosen. They look good in a room with a traditional theme or in a room where there is a more minimalist, more modern look going on. 

Why would you choose shutters for your windows?

Well, shutters are excellent for controlling light as well as privacy when needed. They also give you an extra layer of insulation so you’re warm in winter, and in summer, when the sun is at its hottest it’ll also keep the room cool. You’ll hear less of what’s going on outside as windows are great for masking noise, and of course they give your room a remarkably classic look that will give your home that gorgeous boost you’ve been looking for. Remember that your shutters will be part of the fixtures and fittings, so it’s going to add value to your property should you decide to sell in the future. 

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So, if you’ve decided you’d like to have window shutters for your windows, then get in touch today and we can talk you through our versatile range. You won’t regret it and we’d be more than happy to fit them for you, so give us a call today.