Make Your Blinds Child Safe

If you have children and you also want blinds, you may be put off by the fact you’re worried about their safety. This is completely understandable, and today we’re going to be going over what you can do to make sure your blinds are safe for your children. Even if you don’t have children, all blinds will have safety features because it’s now the law. You may find that even though you don’t have any children of your own, you may have friends or family who will visit you from time to time. 

There are some great designs out there so your blinds can easily look stylish and fun for your children and match any theme or design you have in mind. Naturally you’ll need blinds that work without chains and cords because it is these that cause the problems. Venetian blinds can be fitted to the window and pulled across with a wand, or there are other types of blinds which work with different mechanisms which are also child friendly, just ask one of our team members. 

Roller, motorised and the fun part of having blinds

We also have roller blinds which come with a motorised option. A remote control will help the blinds go up and down without having to resort to chains or cords. This means that almost all blinds are available to you without having to skimp on style or the fun part of having blinds. 

Breakaway components

You’ll also find that as well as having motorised devices and wands to open and shut blinds, there are also breakaway components to safeguard children. This means that any amount of force will make them break apart, so no one can hurt themselves. They’re also made so that when they do break apart then can be easily put back together, so there’s no worry that they’ll be irreparably damaged. We also provide cleats and safety hooks which we will fit for you so there’s added safety once you’ve had your blinds installed. 

Don’t let children climb up furniture near the windows

Never allow your children to climb up to blinds using furniture, so keep chairs and tables away from windows. Don’t ever tie chains or cords together if you do have some. It’s probably wise that if you do have older style blinds installed that you have new ones which come with the new child safety features required for all fitted blinds. 

Knight Shades for fun, stylish versatile child safe blinds

If you want to have child safe blinds installed in your home, then get in touch with us here at Knight Shades, Edinburgh and we can show you are versatile range of child safe blinds. We have as great range of colours, textures, materials and styles – so you don’t have to miss out on fun designs to match your child’s bedroom, style and fun can go hand in hand, whichever theme your children have chosen. Give us a call…!