Choosing Bedroom Blinds

If you’re choosing bedroom blinds for the first time, then you’re naturally cautious about what to buy, you don’t want to spend money and realise you’ve chosen the wrong ones. If this is the first time you’ve had blinds upstairs, then you may be unsure as to what’s suitable to have in your bedrooms.

This is where your family sleeps, and you want an undisturbed area in which to relax, somewhere that offers control over light, privacy and noise. So which type of blinds might be suitable for your bedrooms?


When choosing bedroom blinds, as well as thinking about the style, texture and colour of your blinds, take into consideration your love of or aversion to light when you sleep. How close are you rooms to the street below, and can you easily hear people or traffic at night? Do you want block out noise as well as light?


Vertical blinds have tilting slats which give you more effective control over privacy and light than conventional curtains. You can up the ante by having blackout fabric for those who prefer a dark bedroom at night. These are especially good for children.


Roller bedroom blinds offer complete window coverage and unlike curtains or nets, they can fit snuggly into the frame of the window offering a nice fitting. As with vertical blinds you can also have blackout fabric for those who prefer no light at all when sleeping. You’ll also find that a completely blocked window can help smother noises from outside and give you more privacy. Again, roller blinds come in different colours, shades and textures offering you a versatile range of choices.


Pleated blinds are an elegant accessory to any bedroom and offer excellent window coverage. They come beautifully finished and in a variety of colours and patterns.


If you want to block and light AND sun then you could have duo roller blinds, that is two blinds in one. You have one single blind that acts as a light filtering or solar screen and then a second one that acts as a blockout. You can let light in during the day by drawing up the blockout blind and then during the day you have the light filtering blind that will bring light but not too much sun. Naturally, you’ll bring the blockout blind out at night to help you sleep.


These also come in blockout fabric if you want complete darkness at night, and they fall beautifully against the window in a multitude of fabrics and colours. Keep in mind however, that roman blinds will give you less control over light and privacy due to their limited function of being up or down. If you’re not bothered too much about light and privacy, perhaps you live in more subdued area of the house, then you may not be concerned about these aspects.


You can also have cordless blinds if you’re going to be having them in a child’s bedroom. Hanging cords can be extremely dangerous for young children and it’s no surprise that many parents are reluctant to put them up in their children’s room. However, our cordless blinds are perfect for a child’s room and make for a safe and peaceful night’s sleep.

If you’d like to hear anything more about our range of bedroom blinds, then get in touch with us here at Knight Shades Blinds in Edinburgh, one of our professional team will be happy to help.