Choosing Bathroom Blinds

Blinds are a perfect choice for the bathroom as they give accurate coverage for the window, and naturally, this is important in terms of privacy. You want your bathroom to give you plenty of privacy as well as insulation in winter, and a reduction in sound all year round, so you can bathe in peace.

Choose Your Bathroom Blinds Carefully

Choosing blinds for the bathroom is slightly different to buying them for the living room or the hallway, or bedroom. The kitchen is similar in nature to the bathroom in that there are changing temperatures and lots of moisture to deal with, although obviously the bathroom has more to deal in terms of dampness and moisture.

Window Coverage is Essential For Your Bathroom Windows

You naturally want to invest in good quality window coverage for the bathroom and the materials you use are crucial. This is because as you already know, there is a high level of moisture and heat in the bathroom. Use an inappropriate application, and you’ll find it’s not too long before you’re regretting your purchase. You’ll be disappointed with the results and the performance and you’ll have wasted money.

Avoid Blinds That Will Sarp, Swell and Crack Due to Moisture

With high moisture environment you need blinds that will keep their shape and not warp or crack. Of course the level of moisture is dependent on the number of appliances you have dispensing water and the quality of ventilation in the room. Erring on the side of caution you need bathroom blinds made of moisture resistant material and high privacy factor.

Damp and Moisture Can Damage Walls and Flooring

The dampness can sometimes be trapped inside the room due to a number of different factors such as whether you have any of the things we’ve mentioned above such as ventilation or windows. If you don’t have any of these things, then its more than likely that moisture will turn to damp damaging walls and flooring.

Bathroom Blinds Resistant to Mould and Moisture

You’ll need material that is resistant to mould and moisture so go for a wood effect or aluminium. Keep in mind that wood will warp and swell, so just stick to wood effect rather than real wood. Roller blind are good as are Venetian, and you can get blinds made from material that specifically blocks out UV rays and light. This way you can have a quiet and peaceful bathroom, free from the sun’s glare and free from prying eyes.

Knight Shades – For Bathroom Blinds That Work

You can talk to our team any time and discuss your bathroom blinds. We’re happy to advise and you can ask us about anything you’re unsure of. We can even install them for you. Don’t let your bathroom blinds let you down, get in touch today and let’s talk, our team are professional, reliable and well trained, so you know you’ll be in safe hands.