Get Your Home Spring Ready

It’s time to think about spring at last now we’ve said goodbye to the snow and sub-zero temperatures. The sun is struggling through the clouds and we’re starting to feel that little bit warmer. With this in mind it’s time to think about preparing your home for spring.

It’s time to put away the winter colours and let the light in with brighter colours and that way you’ll feel that spring is just a little bit closer than it was. So, what can you do to bring the spring into your home then? We’ve been taking a look at some of the trends for 2018 and there are some really excellent ways you can incorporate spring into your room’s décor.

Firstly, you’ll lighten the room a lot by using brighter, lighter colours. Think of pastels and mix them with neutral colours like white and cream. Use soft muted colours and try mixing them soft, candy coloured shades and swirls.

Green Is For Go

You could try using one block colour as a theme, alongside one or two pastel colours. Green has never gone away and is as strong a favourite as it ever was in years gone by. You can try accessories and window coverings in shades of green that compliment your overall colour scheme, if you don’t want to use green as the main colour.

Blue Is The Colour

Blue is also popular this year and there’s going to be more of it, with different shades of denim, sapphire and indigo as the shades for spring and summer. Blue is so easy to work with and can be either the main colour, or simply used with accessories. It can give your home a real seaside feel if you use it in combination with white for that fresh, beach look, you could also incorporate variations of blue and white stripes throughout.

Fresh Cotton

Cotton always gives a room a fresh spring feel, but linen is really in this year, especially in bedrooms. They give the room such a lovely feel with linens unique textures. Use neutral tones and blend with brighter colours. You can match with rustic wooden flooring and no fuss furnishings.

Knightshades – For The Best In Blinds In Edinburgh.

Finally, the window coverage. We’re bias, but we’re bound to suggest blinds, as these are the best in minimalist functional window coverage that gives your windows the very best in that fresh spring/summer feel. They give your windows the best, most complete coverage as well as matching any colour décor or theme you have going on in a room. Here at Knightshades we have one of the largest stock of blinds with an endless choice of colours, patterns and textures. You can add some of the colours we’ve talked about today, and soon turn your living room into a haven of springtime peace and tranquillity – so what are you waiting for?