Perfect Blinds For Sash Windows

Sash windows are an attractive feature of any house and can be part of the reason why a property is purchased due to their characterful period look. However, if you’re worried as to whether blinds can work with sash windows and worry that you’ll spend so much time wrestling them closed it’s not worth the bother – you couldn’t be more wrong. Your concerns are probably due to the way sash windows open and close – but we know that certain blinds are very successful with this type of window. You can have blinds that give you the ideal window coverage and show off your sash windows to best effect. So, read on and find out how you can show off your sash windows.

Roller or Roman blinds are the perfect blind for your sash windows. They allow for complete coverage, or if you need to open the window, partial coverage. They can look extraordinarily elegant and not take away any of the period beauty of your windows. They can block out light, give you some well-deserved privacy, and give the very best in complete coverage in a way that curtains do not.

Roller Blinds – Elegant and Versatile

Roller blinds are extremely versatile and not only come in a wide range of materials, patterns and colours, but also blackout material. This blackout material can block harmful UV sun rays and keep out light, which is ideal if you’re trying to get to sleep during long those summer nights, or perfect for kids when you’re trying to get them to stay in bed, which is so hard when it’s light and the sun is streaming in.

Recess – Inside or Outside?

With sash windows you can fit your blinds so they fit either outside or inside the recess of your window. Whichever way you decide to fit your blinds, they will look stylish regardless. You may have certain features you which to accentuate and that may influence how you decide to fit your blinds.

The Elegance and Simplicity of Roman Blinds

Roman blinds are another great choice for your sash windows and again there’s great variety in terms of material, pattern and colour. They are the perfect partner, and give your windows a fresh, elegant feel, never masking the originality of the windows themselves.

Knight Shades Blinds Edinburgh - Blind Manufacture & Fitting

Roller or Roman blinds can look extremely dramatic on sash windows, especially on longer or particularly wide ones. Here at Knight Shades we love our range in both roller blinds and Roman blinds, because know that all our designs are matched by quality and functionality. We know that if you’re looking for the best in blinds, we can help. Whatever type of blinds you choose for your sash windows, Knight Shades have a rich and versatile range of designs and colours to suit any home or style. So be sure to have a look and feel free to ask us anything, we’re always here to help!