Your Guide to Choosing Bathroom Blinds

Your bathroom, aside from your bedroom, is a room that requires adequate privacy for obvious reasons. But as well as privacy there are also other things that need to be taken into consideration when choosing bathroom blinds. You’re going to have to think about all the moisture and condensation that you get with the normal daily use of shower, sink and bath. 

Faux wood, moisture and damp control

Rather than put up any old thing, you need to give your bathroom blinds careful consideration. Normal fabric is never a great idea as it can become moisture logged and black with damp. Wood isn’t a very good idea either as it can warp, stain and twist. However, do not despair, we know wood looks really good in any room, and your bathroom is no different, so you could try using faux wood? You’ll get the same elegant wood effect, but without the warping and splitting you’d get with real wood when it reacts to moisture. 

Roller blinds are great for the bathroom

Roller blinds can be pulled up quickly out of the way of any water splashes while still providing you with both privacy and light control. You’ll also find that at Knight Shades Blinds, there’s a versatile range of both patterns, colours and textures. Whether your bathroom is plain and minimalist or brightly coloured, there’ll be a set of roller blinds that fit perfectly in.

Venetian blinds are great for controlling light

If you have direct sunlight coming in you might benefit from installing Venetian blinds as they come with moveable slats, these are brilliant for keeping out bright intrusive sunlight. 

Bottom up blinds for privacy

Bottom up roller blinds are great for large windows with a need for privacy, you can raise them up from the bottom and the light can then come in via the top of the window. That way you can have light but without the risk of someone looking in.

Blackout and chill out

Blackout blinds are also great for the windows. They can provide light control, privacy and keep harmful UV rays out. 

Knight Shades Blinds – Quality Bathroom Blinds

Whatever you decide, we hope you purchase your bathroom blinds from us here at Knight Shades Blinds. We have an impressive range of blinds just like the ones we’ve talked about today, from Venetian to Roller, from blackout to bottom up blinds, we have something for everyone. What’s more the style, colour choice and range of fabrics in all our blinds means you’re bound to find something that suits your colour scheme and bathroom style. Get in touch with us today and let us help you choose those perfect bathroom blinds.